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3D prototyping making parts efficeintly

Desing a better mold

New Project

T&R Tooling is always looking for ways to save our customers money through innovation. A recent project that we started was to look at a long running a product for one of our customers that takes secondary operations to complete.

We mold a long tube, approximately 8 inches, with a long three-minute cycle time. The part is removed and taken to a CNC mill where we machine a groove inside of it. We install an O-ring and package it for sale.

Our team worked with DME to create a core process that allows the parts to be molded with the O-ring groove inside of it. To do this, we needed to overcome water and length obstacles. We were able to use the space in the center of the collapsible core to add a stationary core to the end of the new collapsible core. The problem with the water was resolved with using that same center section from the back side to add a bubbler and get cooling to the end of the long stationary core.

This innovative work is expected to yield a shorter cycle time of 100 seconds or less, due to better water conditions. The DME S-core will reduce secondary operations to installing the O-ring and packaging within the new cycle time. The expected outcome is a product cost reduction of 50%.

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