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New Project T&R Tooling is always looking for ways to save our customers money through innovation. A recent project that we started was to look at a long running a product for one of our customers that takes secondary operations to complete. We mold a long tube,...

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Welcome to the brand new T&R Tooling website

Our new website has launched and is a cleaner design overall with a very easy to use tablet and phone version also. Thank you for visiting us on the internet and stay tuned for more information coming from T&R Tooling!

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Plastic Injection Molding

T & R Tooling offers plastic injection molding from 101 to 528 ton (5 to 65.8 ounce shot capacity) with core pull and robotic interfaces. Through a close alliance with our affiliates we have access to presses with capacities up to 1000 tons.

Our shop is fully equipped to handle all fixturing and secondary operations should this be a requirement for your parts.

Quality Assurance

Quality products stem from good design, workable mold designs, and ensuring the long term production of your part. T&R Tooling keeps the customer center in the collaboration process through out the development & production process ensuring the end product meets every design specification.

CNC Precision Machining

Our highly skilled machinist team is ready to help you with you current or upcoming project. We excel at customer satisfaction. The T&R Tooling staff go the extra mile when it counts whether we are repairing a existing mold or constructing a new one for you. We would love to work with you on your next project.