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Injection Mold Consulting

T&R Tooling has experts that can help with everything from product and mold design to well defined first article part process being defined and measured. We have 45 years of experience in mold making and 35 years in injection mold processing. We have designed and processed single cavity low volume molds to multi core high cavitation molds.

The goal is to design and build the least expensive mold that will produce the quantity and quality of the parts you need. Given the high initial cost of injection molds and the added cost to debug and maintain them, an extra set of eyes looking out for everyone’s best interest has an immediate Return On Investment.

When it comes to design of a part, we can develop a solid model and print it. We can 3D print any part as well as simple molds to see what the final product will look like. Our carbon filled nylon print material allows us to print a mold that can last as many as 100 shots, depending on the material used to mold your final product. We have many materials to choose from to print your hands on prototype.

We believe in long-term partnerships with our customers. We can assist you individually or serve as liaison to communicate and foster the needs of the group.

Our primary expertise are:

  • Part Design Review
  • Mold Design Review
  • Part Cost Estimating
  • Mold Cost Estimating
  • Cavitation Analysis
  • Mold Construction Specifications
  • Mold Troubleshooting
  • Process Optimization

We can come to you for many of our services. We are willing to come to your facility to review products and molds with you and your team. We can help optimize processes at your facility or at ours. We can bring your mold to our shop and fine tune the process after the mold is produced or we can come to your shop and find the best process on your own machines. Either way we fully document the final process and give that to you electronically.