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Micro Welding Services

T&R Tooling is the only company in North Texas that provides precision micro welding services.

Over the years, T&R Tooling has developed, utilized, and perfected several proprietary welding processes meant for precision micro welding of tooling surfaces to be textured/re-textured. Our professional technicians rely on years of experience with strict attention given to the precise specifications and details for each micro welding project. Our experienced technicians employing tried and tested techniques will ensure your micro welding needs are fulfilled to your complete satisfaction.

We maintain a large inventory of various tool steel welding rods to ensure that your repairs can be completed in a timely fashion.

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The T&R Tooling Micro Welding Process

Micro welding is a process commonly used to repair molds where close tolerances must be maintained.

Using a high-powered microscope, a low amperage welder with fine control over the amperage, and a very small tool steel filler wire (as small as .003″), our experienced staff are able to produce precision welds that make the repaired part as strong or stronger than it was originally.

To prevent warping/distortion, sinks and stress fractures in the area being welded we perform the following tasks:

  • Controlled ramp-up of temperature during the pre-heat phase
  • Maintain the proper temperature during the weld
  • Controlled ramp-down of temperature during the cool-down phase


All of these processes are performed on-site by the highly qualified T&R Tooling professionals.

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Plastic Injection Molding

T & R Tooling offers plastic injection molding from 101 to 315 ton (5. to 23.8 ounce shot capacity) with core pull and robotic interfaces. Through a close alliance with our affiliates we have access to presses with capacities up to 1000 tons.

Our shop is fully equipped to handle all fixturing and secondary operations should this be a requirement for your parts.

Quality Assurance

Using our job folder quality program standards, which meet all AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 Aerospace requirements.

CNC Precision Machining

T & R Tooling, LLC. isĀ  a precision CNC machine shop that serves entrepreneurs and manufacturers nationwide. We produce high quality, consistent and precise machined parts while maintaining tight tolerance quality throughout the life of the project. Whether your material part requirements are plastics, aluminum or steel, we offer precision CNC machining for quick turn prototypes and low-to-high volume production options.